The new and improved E-3 nonimmigrant status

The E-3 is a nonimmigrant work visa that was exclusively for Australians. The E-3 is very similar to the H1b as it requires the position to be a specialty occupation and the person must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field to the position. Further, the E-3 also requires the filing of an LCA.

With the new CIR bill, the E-3 has been expanded to include Ireland and South Korea specifically as well as any country that we have a free trade treaty with. Those countries currently consist of:

• Israel
• Jordan
• Bahrain
• Morocco
• Oman
• Peru
• The Dominican Republic
• Costa Rica
• El Salvador
• Guatamala
• Honduras
• Nicaragua
• Panama
• Colombia

Each of the countries listed above will have a 5,000 per country annual quota on their E-3 visas. It is not clear whether Ireland and Korea will have a quota as well.


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